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A home for your passion
Develop, evolve and succeed
Why you should join us

We are a dynamic and growth-oriented software developing company that’s entirely aware of the fact that people are our most valuable asset. That’s why we make sure that you fit right in. You will join a great team, and help build a successful and happy workplace, characterized by short communication channels and exciting prospects.
As an international insurance-leading software and consulting company, we provide the market with a comprehensive system, covering policy administration and also the entire periphery, such as sub-ledgers, commission fees and reporting; while enabling fast development and launching of new products at the same time.
We offer long lasting partnerships with a bunch of possibilities for your personal and professional growth.
We are happy to welcome you, if you share our values.


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There’s just no way for you to quench that thirst for knowledge. There is always something new you need to know about the industry you work in; drawing from past experiences of people around you and seeking the newest information. You have complete focus on the possibilities – not the problems, thus finding alternative ways to apply established models combining them with new aspects. What makes you unique, is that you know that knowledge must be accessible for the benefit of your professional environment. You integrate knowledge future-oriented, knowing that that’s the only valid basis of expertise.

For you, solving problems comes naturally. You are full of bold ideas and improvement suggestions that you love to share with others. People like working with you because you are a bold thinker who is dedicated to developing cutting edge software which puts your customers on top of the game. Since you possess the perfect combination of knowledge and technology mastership, you have what it takes to innovate for the future.


‘There is no I in WE’ is your life motto. For you, everything is about the joint journey and the experiences you wish to share and create with others. You know that laying good foundations in the present, will ensure a great future. That’s why you are a 100% dedicated to building long lasting and successful partnerships with your co-workers and customers. You like being around different people, working, and having fun at the same time. It’s simple: to you, relationships matter.

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Our People - the ones who make it happen

Since we are part of a company with a 40-year record of success, we are determined to make our own mark in the business. We love technology and innovation, always keeping in mind that we develop in order to evolve the insurance industry and lead our customers to success. Strong and lasting relationships, as well as productive cooperation within the team and customers, represent one of our highest professional priorities. Because we love what we do, we emerge in the smallest details and connect the dots by creating sophisticated products that satisfy the highest demands.
But it’s not all about work. Not a single birthday is overlooked, not a single cake stays uneaten, and lunchtime with the team is a must. We take care of all those calories at the gym, and our team buildings are legendary.
Sounds good?

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