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Information systems developer (M/F)

Who are we looking for?

Language skills:

  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Optional:
    • knowledge of German
    • knowledge of Croatian/Serbian

Expected education and development skills:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Design, development and testing of Web Services
  • Knowledge/skills relating to Object-oriented programming resp. object-oriented modeling and development of software solutions
  • Design, development and testing of business insurance applications
  • Design, development and testing of web applications and/or mobile applications
  • Prototyping and development of user interfaces
  • Knowledge and experiences regarding agile work methodologies
  • Knowledge of programming languages
    • Required: Java
  • Knowledge of operating systems
    • Required: Windows
    • Preferable: Linux, Android, IOS
  • Knowledge of development environments & tools
    • Preferable: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Portainer, Swagger, Postman, Citrix, PACT
  • Knowledge of Web Services
    • Preferable: AWS
  • Knowledge of programming languages, frameworks and tools for the prototyping and development of user interfaces:
    • Preferable: Angular, CSS, Figma,
  • Basic knowledge of relational data bases based on SQL, particularly Oracle

We look forward to receive your CV and application!


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