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1. Disclaimer / Legal Notices
msg life odateam d.o.o.
Titova cesta 8
2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 2 2356 200

Company Office: Maribor
Commercial Register of the District Court of Maribor, Nr. 1/10989/00
VAT registration number: SI80773575

Managing directors: Andrej Kline, Klaus Huber.

1.1 Copyright
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1.2 Liability / Guarantee
msg life odateam carefully checks the Internet information made available and continually updates it. Nevertheless, the accuracy of the entire content cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, msg life odateam accepts no liability and gives no guarantee as to the completeness, accuracy and topicality of the data and information made available. Nor does it accept any liability for, or give any guarantee regarding statements about the future, as these statements are based on the beliefs and assessments of the msg life management and as such carry risks and uncertainties.

The exclusion of liability and guarantee also applies to all links to which the msg life web pages refer directly or indirectly. msg life odateam is not responsible for the content of these other websites.

msg life odateam reserves the right to change or supplement the information made available without notice.