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msg.Reinsurance Independent cost-effective, customizable reinsurance management system

Our independent application for insurance companies configures the composition strategies of reinsurance premiums and calculates all relevant reinsurance values.
The system supports, both proportional and non-proportional reinsurance, including obligatory as well as facultative reinsurance. Based on freely configurable contract values, msg.Reinsurance calculates premiums, reserves, payments, and commissions, whereby the data can be directly forwarded to the data warehouse and general ledger. The reinsurance settlements can be tested with the so-called reinsurance bordereaux (test settlement executions) at will. Our solution considers various particularities, like fronting, different types of risk accumulation, and all variously configured premium payments. A detailed and user-friendly user interface offers you an extensive overview of your reinsurance treaties.
Our highly efficient IT-solution optimizes your administrative processes, provides extensive processing of all relevant data, and offers a uniform system architecture, thus ensuring optimal and secure implementation of your passive reinsurance business.
We prepare you for the future by helping you create your own.

Standard software

Our release-driven standard solution provides your company with the highest possible degree of investment protection and thereby secures your future.

Flexible product design

The integration of msg.Reinsurance with your other existing applications is made possible with ease. The predefined interfaces of our software guarantee a quick start of production. The implementation phase can be shortened up for two to three months if required.

Process automation

The option of prescheduled batch-processing within the electronic workflow enables you to significantly increase the automation of complex routine tasks and decrease the processing times. Our solution significantly boosts productivity and processing quality within the digital world of processes.


For every international corporation the multi-lingual and multi-currency represent truly valuable features of the system.

High user-friendliness

Our solution is characterised by a high level of usability. The innovative user interface enables a simple configuration and guarantees a high level of user experience.

Ready for cloud/SaaS

Our software solution is also available through a private cloud, whereby msg life will provide the application environment in the computer centre, software maintenance, adaptation to regulatory requirements, and technical operations. The service-level with its flexible financing models can be individually tailored to your needs.

Your advantages
  • Rapid deployment facilitated through a standardised, tried and tested process model and well-proven customizing-mechanisms.
  • High degree of investment protection and future security provided by service oriented system architecture and cutting edge JEE technology.
  • High level of integrability with peripheral systems such as general ledgers or management systems
  • Support of all proportional (surplus, quota share, quota surplus) and non-proportional (working excess of loss – risk, working excess of loss – event, catastrophe excess of loss) reinsurances.
  • In- and outgoing billings via reinsurance settlement.
  • Short implementation phase (approx. 2-3 months from project launch to deployment).