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Unified Administration Platform Platform for an overall digital upgrade of portfolio administration

Digitization is no longer just a fashionable word. The business world has been completely transformed by technologies and the insurance sector is no exception. By now every insurer is faced with the question on how to master the digital era. Characterized by fast paced changes and requirements, insurance companies need new strategies with which they can create a better service chain, make operational and customer customization a matter of course, innovate digital products and services in real time, and at the same time optimize operating costs and increase efficiency – especially with Back-office functions. In order to do it all justice, you need a powerful policy administration system.
As a highly effective cloud environment installation, the Unified Administration Platform (or UAP), represents technology that can keep up with these demands. Our solution meets the requirements of insurance companies who are looking for a powerful and cost-effective management system that covers the entire insurance value chain and enables flexible implementation. The Unified Administration Platform is a perfect fit for innovative newcomers or proven veterans with disruptive business concepts seeking a flexible, customizable standard solution enabling quick technical executions.

Digitalisation of disruptive insurance concepts

Unified Administration Platform for Wefox Insurance


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No fashionable words, just technology that works

LIFECYCLE digitalization

As a release driven standard solution, the Unified Administration Platform supports the entire product lifecycle from the definition of verifiable and saleable products to offers, contracts and up to comprehensive back-office processes.


As a distributed system, the Unified Administration Platform is enhanced with the ability of auto scaling, advanced resilience and self-healing mechanism, replications over different data-centers and time zones, detailed monitoring, 24h/7 availability, modern security technologies and all the other benefits that come with cloud environments.


Our solution facilitates for all back-office processes to run completely automated, while at the same time, it also allows to be entirely parameterized, thus tailored to your specific needs.


Harness the true power of real-time when designing new products or product packages, their market launch as well as the performance of changes on various existing objects like contracts. In addition, the Unified Administration Platform enables the real time dimension regarding your entire operation starting with delivery, testing, production and all up to maintenance.


The seamless integration of our software with your other existing applications reduces the time required for the development and market launch of products. Unified Administration Platform is a fully integrated system with open interfaces. For third party systems, the platform is available via Web-services. As a consequence, the integration is possible for various clients: distribution, insurance company’s in-house developed applications, BPM, DMS, etc.


Since our software solution is cloud ready, msg life can provide the application environment, software maintenance, and technical operations. The service-level with its flexible financing models can be individually tailored to your needs.

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Your advantages
  • Lean all-sector policy administration system (life, accident, property, liability, and health insurance)
  • Upgradable standard software package with consistent coverage in the core business of an insurance company
  • Automation of business processes and workflow
  • Complete and fully integrated comprehensive system covering the entire value chain of the back-office portfolio administration
  • Web-service Technologies
  • Data migration tool & migration expertise
  • Software as a Service & on premise
  • Greenfield approach within 2-3 months
  • Simple and cost-effective to run
  • Eco-friendly process workflow due to no paper business
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