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Unified Distribution Platform Modular platform for digitalization of all sales processes

Insurers and agents are facing new challenges resulting from the increasingly dynamic and ever-changing market. Business models and how one interacts with customers have changed due to technological innovations, new regulatory standards, and tight budgets. As digitalization has become generally acknowledged in the business world, insurers need the necessary flexibility to respond to the challenges posed by the current market. Today, insurance companies must provide consistent products and services, efficiently and without ever losing sight of the fact that the customer must be the focus of all companies.
The Unified Distribution Platform is designed and developed to streamline the definition of commercial offers and the subscription of new policies. The solution is adapted to all lines of business (life, non-life, and health). It can be integrated with multiple back-office systems, and can, therefore, be characterized as an insurance distribution platform. Because of its multichannel character, the cloud-ready or on premise available platform enables insurers to adopt an omnichannel approach, placing the customer in the center of their strategy and consequently, all business actions. By combining product management with marketing benefits and agility of operating processes, the Unified Distribution Platform supports the entire insurance life cycle – from data collection and validation all up to product configuration and sale. This platform represents the right solution for all insurance companies looking for high-performance software, which can be integrated with their existing systems, increases agility and efficiency when launching new products.

Responding to market challenges


Boost your sales' agility and flexibility with a quick and seamless definition of new products combining them in commercial offers adjusted to different scenarios. The Unified Distribution Platform makes sure that all your data is reusable, not cloned, making sure you are provided with accurate and consistent product data.


From analyzing your customer needs to configuring and canceling policies- the platform supports every single lifecycle process of your insurance company.


Our solution allows you to offer your customers a unique digital experience at all points of contact, regardless of the channel or device. By implementing a customer-centric strategy, the platform guarantees the perseverance of your sales department. Offer the right product to the right customer at the right time.


With the Unified Distribution Platform, you can streamline and increase your capacity when responding to challenges connected to the different lines of business in the insurance sector (life, non-life, and health). With the increase of collaboration between various operational and business departments, you will be able to avoid the silo mentality within your company.

Your advantages
  • Performance improvement through the assistance of tools for business experts: the ability to combine commercial offers without the need for new software developments
  • Flexible and agile creation of new products
  • Increase of collaboration between operational and business sectors
  • Agile integration with back-office systems, policy administration solutions and portals, as well as other external systems
  • Support of entire sales process
  • Increase of agility and flexibility of business processes
  • Integrable with existing systems